ACS is here, one man—one mission       |        Get ready to command individual soldiers, weapons, tanks and squads as they make their way across the battlefields of World War II       |        Featuring all new military art       |        A retro experience that will keep YOU marching, firing and marching again

UPDATE: February 16, 2018—The counters arrive any day now and we'll get shipping all the ACS Module 1 orders! The game is otherwise done and we'll have new module news here shortly! 

Welcome to the long-awaited launch of the AREA COMBAT SYSTEM (ACS). The aim of the publishing effort, starting now, is to bring you ALL of D-Day in a playable, fast-moving format that works with historical Allied and German maps. This first ACS module simulates the landing of the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Point du Hoc on D-Day, 6 June 1944 and is a complete remastering to lay the foundation for the new system.

Game Scale: The system is scaled at 100 yards to the inch. Units for both sides are small groups of soldiers approximating squads, non-commissioned officers, Forward Observers, weapons crews, and individual machine-guns, mortars, and shoulder-fired Bazooka and Panzerschreck rocket-launchers. Each game turn represents one or more hours, depending on the level of activity the players create.

The ACS system uses the Area movement and combat system designed by Hall of Famer Ted Racier and ported to this scale by the tac-sim people at CH. It's been kicked around for the ACS, battles fought—and the result is the birth of a new system that will literally bring you to 'unrolling' Allied and Axis Intelligence maps, and ordering your men and machines to do what needs to be done. FOR VICTORY.

Not surprisingly, based on its initial pedigree, the ACS is nuanced and leads to MANY chance events - but rewards sound tactics and strategy. What's more, the rules are all of about 4 pages of verbiage, making it easily accessible and perfect for an evening's worth of action.

Some Q & A:

Q. Can ACS be played solo?

A. For sure! In fact, we've had some GREAT reports of solo play and there is nothing whatsoever in the system that dilutes game action when playing SOLO vs. F-t-F.

Q. Is there a leadership component in the system?

A. Yes, there are counters for officers and non-coms and they have a real effect on the action.

Q. What are the plans going forward after this first ACS module?

A. No moss growing on ACS stone, now that the guns are blazing! The entire gamut of D-Day battlefields in an area combat presenation.

Q. Does the system play along the lines of 'Turning Point Stalingrad" or other area systems?

A. If you are familiar with other area titles you'll get right into it but the system that spawned ACS is a creation of Ted Racier and ported from MiH's Cambrai game.

Q. Is there artillery fire from offboard batteries in support of on board forces?

A. Yes, and on board Forward Observers call in the shrapnel.

Q. Is there a representation of direct fire, indirect fire and close assault in the ACS system?

A. Yes, and these types of combat occur during there own discrete phases in a fast-moving play presentation.